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When you love your smile, you want to protect it. At the dental practice of Ranu M. Mishra, DDS, we offer advanced prosthodontic, restorative, and general dental care. We are highly skilled and capable to protect and renew your oral health so you can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our Merced dental practice is conveniently located on El Portal Drive, and we are proud to protect the smiles of the residents of Merced, Atwater, Los Banos, and the surrounding areas. You can trust that we offer the comprehensive treatments you need to safeguard your oral health. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment, which is why we offer our services in English and Spanish. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Gentle Prosthodontic and Dental Care

Dr. Ranu Mishra DDS has the training and expertise to provide the diverse range of treatments you need to boost your oral health and the appearance of your smile. We use modern technology like digital scanners and computer-guided surgery to restore the integrity of your bite and create a beautiful smile. Here are some of the dental treatments we offer:

Our team believes that your smile is as unique as you are, which is why we tailor our treatments to fit your specific needs and smile goals. When you choose our practice, you choose personalized dental care.

Your Prosthodontist in Merced

Discovering a smile you love may require the care of a specialist. At the dental practice of Ranu M. Mishra, DDS, we offer an array of dental treatments in Merced to help you eat, speak, and smile confidently. Our team blends years of experience with a gentle touch to create a positive experience every time you visit. Whether you want to brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening or rebuild your smile with dental implants that look and feel natural, we are here for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


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The word periodontal means “around the tooth”.  Periodontal disease attacks the gums and the bone that support the teeth.  Plaque is a sticky film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva.  If plaque is not removed, it turns into calculus (tartar).  When plaque and calculus are not removed, they begin to destroy the gums and bone.  Periodontal disease is characterized by red, swollen, and bleeding gums.Four out of five people have periodontal disease and don’t know it!  Most people are not aware of it because the disease is usually painless in the...

It’s great news that the incidence of tooth decay has significantly diminished over the years due to the use of fluorides and an increase in patient awareness.  However, teeth are still susceptible to decay, infection, and breakage and sometimes need to be restored back to health.  Through improved techniques and modern technology, we are now able to offer more options for restoring a tooth back to its normal shape, appearance and function. Should your teeth ever require a restorative treatment, you can rest assured knowing we will always...

 Periodontics in Merced, CA The term “periodontics” refers to the dental specialty that pertains to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease that affects the gums and jawbone.  The gum tissues serve to surround and support the teeth and the underlying jawbone anchors teeth firmly in place.  Periodontists have completed several years of extra dental training and are concerned with maintaining the function, health and aesthetics of the jawbone and tissues. Reasons for periodontal treatment Periodontal disease is a...

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specialists with advanced training and expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of various head and neck conditions and injuries.  After four years of dental school, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon completes four to six years of additional formal training in treating the craniomaxillofacial complex.  This specialty is one of 9 dental specialties recognized internationally and by the American Dental Association (ADA). An oral and maxillofacial surgeon can diagnose and treat a wide variety conditions. ...

Prosthodontics is the specialized field of dentistry concerned with diagnosing, planning and executing restorative and cosmetic treatments.  Dentists who choose to specialize in prosthodontics must complete three or four more years of dedicated training following dental school. A prosthodontist is in essence an architect, who formulates a comprehensive treatment plan and informs the patient as to what is possible.  Missing or defective teeth can be extremely detrimental to self-esteem and self-confidence.  Using the latest technology, a...

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